Aberdeen E-CPR Simulation Training

The world of intensive care and emergency medicine is constantly evolving.  ECMO CPR is slowly being evidenced to have benefit to a select group of patients who present with ongoing cardiac arrest.

There are loads of incredible websites describing how and why this is a potentially life saving intervention, one of the best is EDECMO.

In time we hope it will be an intervention Aberdeen will be able to offer to the patients that need it but to get there we need to train and practice. – “train hard, work easy”

Our first E-CPR simulation happened in resus bay 2 this morning, lots of learning, some videoing and really motivating.  Here are some pictures from a brilliant morning of shared learning with our intensive care colleagues.

Patient being intubated on arrival.





Auto pulse being placed and started.

  Awaiting ITU team to establish VA Ecmo.

 Venous cannulation.

 Continuing to venous cannulate.

 Difficult cannulation.

 2nd ICU Consultant to place arterial cannula.

 Arterial cannula and bridge being placed.

 About to establish VA ECMO 48min after arrival.

 Close up of cannulation – arterial.

 More cannulation.

 Trying to sort out the circuit and remove air.

 Pesky air bubbles.


A very good experience for all.




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