Media Team

The below individuals are enthusiastic about their work and are aiming to bring some of that enthusiasm into the online world.

Dr Toby EdmundsTobyETrainee in Emergency Medicine aiming to specialise in pre-hosptial critical care and resuscitation.  Works at Scotlands national race track as well as in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary Emergency Department.


JohnLDr John Lee – Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Paediatric Emergency Medicine.  Interest in teaching, management, media and is clinical lead of Royal Aberdeen Children Hospital Emergency Department. Working in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

OllieRDr Oliver Robinson – Consultant in Emergency Medicine, has an interest in critical care and resuscitation. He is Aberdeen ultrasound lead. Working in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.


CarolineRDr Caroline Robinson – Consultant in Emergency Medicine and Medical High Dependancy Unit.  Has a background in medical education.  Working in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.


Dr Catharina Hartman – Speciality Doctor in Emergency Medicine, dual qualified in Intensive Care Medicine and has worked all over the world.  Working in Aberdeen Royal Infirmary.

Disclaimer: All views in this website are our own, they are not representative of our organisation or its views.  Any cases or patient details discussed are all fictional and bear no representation to real patients.